Waiting The Fast Runner in Front Line The Gunners

alexisarsenalibefore the arrival of Alexis Sanchez and Danny Welbeck, Arsenal already have fast players in Theo Walcott himself. The Gunners now have three and Walcott can not wait to play with my immediate Sanchez and Welbeck.

Never doubt how Walcott in dribbling ability to remember, speed is the player’s signature weapon is 25 years old. Already so it’s not surprising scored after doing sprints near the penalty box.

Walcott himself broke Thierry Henry’s record run that 4.72 seconds for 40 meters, before broken by Manchester United youngster Hector Bellerin.

2014/2015 season, Walcott will have a new competitor once someone well versed in terms of speed and have enough instinct scorer okay. They are Sanchez and Welbeck.

Sanchez is also positioning itself as Walcott, ie wing attacker and got the okay acceleration time in the field. Meanwhile, although the positioning striker Welbeck also had the speed but not least good thing.

The striker is what will be the capital Arsenal to compete in various competitions this season. With this model as a target man Olivier Giroud and Yaya Sanogo, the presence of Walcot et al. it can enrich their team game.

This surefire make Walcott can not wait to play again soon recover from the injury


“I hope we will have a front row of the fastest in the Premier League.’s Fun times,” Walcott said as quoted by the Mirror.

“What can we get from winning the FA Cup last year was able to bring great players to this club. Hopefully this will make Arsenal won many trophies,” he continued.

“These players are very, very fast. They will be fit for this team. Alexis can adapt quickly, Danny is a good player. I’ve me to play with him in the UK. Danny is a hard worker. Always perform optimally when he played.”

“I do not know what the manager plan but hopefully this will make us better as well as raising the level of competition.”

“It really makes the club became excited. When you look at how much money has been spent. We did not spend a lot of money in the last few seasons, but Arsenal had done everything right and spend it wisely,” said Walcott.



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