Twitter will be Overflow Video Ads


Tweeps, ready just find Promoted videos on your favorite microblogging site. Twitter itself has been tested Video Card in services.

This feature can play and present a streamlined video viewing experience in touch timeline of Twitter users. Claimed Twitter, the results of trials that involve the user can do better. The number of video viewers even more than before.

After months of testing and getting feedback from the users and the variety of brands, Twitter is pleased to announce a beta test of the features or Promoted Video Ads Video,” Twitter said via a statement on Thursday (08/14/2014).

Twitter explained, this feature will allow the brand to upload and distribute its videos on Twitter, as well as measure the reach and effectiveness of the video content.

In order to facilitate a campaign, we now offer advertisers an easy to run ads with models purchase advertising Cost Per View (CPV) is new,” said Twitter promotion.

Interesting, since this means that the advertiser is only charged when Twitter users began to watch the video. The advertisers are using video advertising have access to properly analyze the video, like the audience to know the percentage and comparison of organic and paid video.

In addition, to take heart advertisers, Twitter also extend the trial period of the native video solution with content publishers selected and Twitter users are already verified.

The whole purpose of this feature is to present the video to the timeline of the user, in order to create a more personal bond between the brand and Twitter users.

Video is a medium that is a very good story to tell you something. We are proud to provide a convenience for the brands, publishers and users of Twitter that has been verified for organic and distribute videos Promoted Videos,” Twitter said.

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