Robin Williams Bodies Will Go through the Toxicology Testing


CALIFORNIA,   The results of a preliminary investigation on the death of Robin Williams shows information that the actor allegedly hanged himself using a belt. Local police stated that they would soon conduct toxicology tests on the body of Williams.

The test will be performed to check if there are certain substances in the blood,” said Deputy Chief Coroner‘s Office Marin County, California, United States, Lt. Keith Boyd, Tuesday (12/08/2014), as quoted by CNN.

As reported previously, Boyd said that Williams was the last seen by his wife still live in conditions on Sunday (10/08/2014) at around 22:00 local time. It is not known when Williams went into the bedroom after that.

Williams‘s wife left home on Monday (08/11/2014) at around 10:00 local time assuming Williams is still sleeping. As for Williams‘s body was found by his assistant in one of the rooms in the house Williams on Monday at around 11:45 local time.

Assistant Williams suspects that something happened because there was no response from inside the room when he knocked on the door. The assistant then entered the room and found Williams had not reacted.

On the side of the body of Williams, who circled his neck belt, found a pocket knife with blood. Williams left arm hurt also found shallow.

Boyd said the toxicology tests to check whether Williams affected drugs or alcohol when he died. However, Boyd added, these tests will take weeks of time to obtain the final result.

“I lost my husband and best friend, when the whole world lost a very loved artist and a good man,” said the wife of Williams, Susan Schneider. As he is in the memories (us), we hope that our focus is not on the death of Robin, but the countless moments of joy and laughter that he gave to us.”

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