Last Defense Citizens Yazidi Against ISIS


BAGHDAD, Having driven from Sinjar by militants ISIS, Yazidi minority gathered at the holy place them and prepare to leave Iraq forever.

As they gathered in their shrine on Tuesday (12/08/2014) afternoon, residents who survived the Yazidis of Sinjar town has one subject, namely how to get out of Iraq, leaving homeland and their temples forever.

The Arabs there are in the west, east, and south of us,” said Sardar Barpiri (35 years), refugees fleeing the terror militant Islamic countries, or which is known by the name of ISIS. Barpiri now ensconced in a dark alley Yazidi holy shrine, the Temple of Sheikh Adi. They kill us, we all. Whether it is Islamic or anything else, they just want to kill us.”

We will never come home,” said Firaz Falas. Does that mean (we) will go to England, Germany, America, or anywhere else, we will not be back. We were targeted because of our religion. Nothing more to say.”

Yazidi minorities have been living in the barren hilly area for several generations. However, after their expulsion from Sinjar to the west, which is the biggest center of their population, the temple seems to be the last defense.

About a hundred members of the local militia armed guard makeshift temple of Sheikh Adi ISIS possibility of militant attacks that are a few miles away, in the plain below. Militants stormed the Sinjar ten days ago, to make the people who get away with murder fled to the mountains in starvation conditions.

Now residents fear that Lalish Yazidis, a place where there is a temple of the Yazidi by ISIS assessed as a pagan temple to be destroyed, be the next target. The refugees knew from experience what would happen.

Dakhil Sedo Khero (35 years) fled to the temple near the place, Sheikh Amadin, with his family when he saw ISIS militants stormed the village. Through his binoculars, he saw the militants set up checkpoints on the road below. They stopped a number of families at the checkpoint,” he said. Militants ISIS families put it on the side of the road and shot them, one by one. Then, I see something else. Militants brought a bulldozer and dug a grave, and put the bodies there.”

Khero hiding in the temple and then fled to the mountains in the opposite direction of the militants, passes their position over the two days. Then, in his escape, he hid in another temple, until the temple was also attacked ISIS.

He, his wife, their seven children, and 40 other members of his extended family, ran again, to the mountain, while the Iraqi jets bombed militant positions until they finally join the thousands of people who fled through the Syrian Yazidi back to the safe placeKurdistan .

Residents Yazidis have been persecuted in Turkey and Syria. At the time of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, the Yazidi people become poor lower-class citizens in one of the most arid regions of the country. Their beliefs, which upholds figure Tawus Malek, Peacock Angel“, which identified Muslims as demons, have made them like a ghost to their neighbors for years.

Aggressor them now is only the most ruthless of their enemies.

Lalish Shekhan located above the city, the second largest center of population today after Yazidis of Sinjar. Last week, after escaping from Sinjar, tens of thousands of people fled to Shekhan. Two days later they go from there, along with many natives, after rumors circulated in the city that ISIS was on his way. In that event, they stopped, or suspended, at the foot of the mountains. Some people return to the city.

At the top of the mountain, 200 families have been displaced, said the pastor in charge there, Baba Chawish. He said their children were dressed colorfully clustered in the only way in Lalish.

Chawish pastor said, he would never leave that place. We are a religion, we do not want to fight anyone,” he said. Why did they kill us? However, I will never leave here.’s My home, it’s for us as Mecca for Muslims. Sinjar far from here, and I will stay.”

In the temple the women come and go, cry and do Yazidi rituals.

We little people,” said Khero. We do not have an army to protect us, no weapons. We want to protect us, in England and America. However, we think we want to leave this country.”

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